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Warkworth is a beautiful place to live with the bush clad Mahurangi River winding past the township, the bridge and the Old Bridge House Pub. The rolling countryside with open green fields, vineyards, bush and views of the sea and Kawau Island, with a moderate climate, good fishing, a local airfield, friendly people and a low crime rate. Warkworth is a great place to live and the area is developing and in need of Professional Engineering services.


Who We Are
John McLaren  BE (Civil), CPEng (Civil), Int. PE

John McLaren BE (Civil), CPEng (Civil), Int. PE


John McLaren joined the company in 2006 and has over 25 years' experience as a Civil Engineer. He manages our roading projects, traffic engineering studies, flood control projects and public infrastructure projects.

John Papesch  BE (Civil), NZCE, GIPENZ

John Papesch BE (Civil), NZCE, GIPENZ


John Papesch has worked in the Bay of Islands since 2003 and has 15 years' experience as a Civil Engineer. He manages our marine engineering, wastewater and stormwater work. Email:

David Manning TIPENZ, ETPact, Int ET(NZ)

David Manning TIPENZ, ETPact, Int ET(NZ)


David gained his Bachelor of Engineering from Auckland University in 1992 before spending 4 years of his OE in Europe. Returning to New Zealand David commenced work at Ashby Consulting in 1997.

Most of Davids time has been spent in the field of Structural design, where he was found to have a natural apptitude. Earlier experience included Geotechnical investigations, catchment flooding analysis, surveying and some roading design. David claims he didnt have any grey hairs before signing on, but 10 years of matching client's dreams to local law has given David that "distinguised" look a few grey hairs can bring.

A typical day in the life for David at Ashbys can include the design of reinforced masonry, reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures or combinations of all three. He may also be found in the field carrying out site inspections specifically requested by the local district councils. These site inspections are for certain elements of a project during construction to ensure compliance with the design or the design is appropriately amended to suit site conditions.

David is also very competent in preparing fire design reports, safe and sanitary reports, pre-purchase house inspections, unauthorised works reports, and site wind speed assessments. (site wind speed assessments are generally required when you are planning to build in a place where site topography, etc falls outside the scope of NZS3604).

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