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Geotechnical Investigation and Reports

We are principally involved in assessing residential sites to ensure that the land is stable and suitable to build on.

Since 1994 we have been actively involved in geotechnical investigations principally within the Rodney and Kaipara District areas and have a good knowledge of local soils. As a result we have built up an extensive database of testing options and results ensuring our clients recieve the right information and recommendations for their project.

Our site assessment criteria include;

  • Wind exposure
  • Erosion Zone
  • Surface Water Assessment
  • Ground Contamination Assessment
  • Geology of the area
  • Topsoil Depth
  • Guidance with respect to retaining walls
  • Earthworks
  • Foundations
  • Sewerage Disposal
  • Stormwater Disposal
  • Access
  • Historical and Cultural Issues, if any

Our site assessment tools include;

  • Standard Hand Auger and Penetrometer investigations
  • Clegg Hammer Testing
  • Ground Stability Analysis using our in house “Galena” analysis software
  • Soils Testing (often in association with certified soils laboratories)
  • Geotechnical Evaluations
  • Clean Fill Design
  • Earthworks, compaction testing and supervision

From this information we provide a comprehensive goetechnical report for submission to your local council to assist in getting consent applications approved promptly.

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